motivate yourself to work harder

I usually don’t like to relay clichéd articles about “motivation” and “hard work”, but I particularly enjoyed this article from Jessica Stillman on So I thought I’d share here.

Here are the main points she breaks down in a brilliant article entitled “5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Harder”:

  • 1. Get clear on the end goal
  • 2. Take care of yourself physically
  • 3. Think habits, not motivation
  • 4. Embrace discomfort
  • 5. Bribe (or punish) yourself

While 1 and 5 seem obvious, I totally got a wake up call with 3 (consider making up habits instead of just thinking motivation) :

Getting yourself to do something again and again by sheer force of will is extremely difficult. Getting yourself to do something by force of habit is easier. “Because motivation/willpower is a limited resource, it has helped me to instead build habits which, once instilled, don’t use willpower,” explains entrepreneur Bud Hennekes. “Start with small habits that help you be more productive and make you feel good. For example, you could aim to walk 15 minutes a day or work in short bursts of intense focus.”

Thank you Jessica !
Read the full article here.


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