What I’m doing now

Inspired by Cait Flanders from Blonde on a budget, who herself got the idea from Derek Sivers, here is my now page. A mix of what I am actually doing and my New Year goals.

So as of January 21st, here are my goals for 2016 :

  • Maintaining a minimalist lifestyle
  • Meditate more, working more on my mindfulness
  • Declutter, empty the boxes, reorganize and clean the garage
  • Enrol for the Shopping Ban process, until March 31 (to start with, then see how far I can go)
  • Eat vegetarian the first week of each month, for the next 12 months (done for January 🙂
  • Use less convenient services, food
  • Read at least 40 books in 2016
  • Running at least 3 times a week
  • Going to my yoga session at least once a week
  • Get my orange belt for the martial art aikibudo I practice
  • Reach the 600 caches found mark on Geocaching
  • Doing the maintenance of my own hidden geocaches
  • Finish the several hobbies projects I’ve started so far : embroidery, cross stitch, quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting (focusing and trying to finish before starting any new ones)
  • Bill my customers monthly, no exception
  • Get my tax declaration done before the April deadline
  • Zero out my line of credit debt before year end

And some of my lifetime goals :

  • Make a quilt for each of my 3 children
  • Run a half-marathon before I turn 45 and a marathon by 50

Now I hope these are not merely part of the great myth of New Year’s resolutions! I’ll update and get posted for progress.


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