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The Free People from Building 25 is a group of inspired women that spread their way of life and spirit about fashion, beauty, food, music, books, diy, etc… through a very interesting blog since 2006. I find many entries really resourceful so I decided it’s worth sharing here.




deliberateLIFE Magazine

deliberateLIFE Magazine is is one of the most surprising and enjoyable find i have made recently while browsing the App Store on my iPad.

With a great presentation, a minimalistic layout and yet gorgeous pictures, the content on several topics is genuine. The front page of their website says it all: “deliberateLIFE Magazine is written for those seeking to live healthy, engaged, ethical, and sustainable lives. Our magazine is available exclusively through the iTunes and Android app stores.”

The subscription is only $4.99/yearly and both the first and last issues are free currently for new accounts. All profit from their Back To School issue # 4 are donated as part of the magazine campaign to build a school in Kenya.
deliberateLIFE magazine